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12:41pm on Saturday, 3rd October, 2009:

The Old One


In Sainsbury's today, the person in front of me at the checkout was this old woman who was deliberately taking her time to pack the final few things she'd bought. It was as if she felt she had some kind of right to stand in the way, preventing the next customer (that would be me) from being served, and she was determined to exercise this right. You don't need a new crrier bag to put two air fresheners in when you have another bag that only contains soap.

When she finally ran out of things to pack, she moved her trolley round a bit so it was still at the end of the packing area but it meant I could get as far as the checkout operator. I think maybe her aim was to block off some of the otherwise free movement in the channel behind the checkouts, where people who have already paid endeavour to return to their cars.

The checkout woman asked me, like it tells her to do on her screen, "Do you want help with your packing?".

I replied, "No, but I'll need some more bags, once the old one at the end has moved out of the way".

I see it as my civic duty to brighten the lives of checkout operators from time to time.

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