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8:58pm on Tuesday, 1st September, 2009:



I was at DiGRA today, which is the world's premier conference on digital game research (and I would have said that even if I weren't giving a keynote on Thursday). I was therefore expecting to blog about it today. However, something happened on the way home which somewhat trumped it in bloggability.

So, I was on the tube (Central Line, having changed from Picadilly Line at Holborn) and it was quite busy so I was standing. Seated next to the door facing me was a young woman with a roll-along suitcase that had some bags on top of it. She had a neck chain with an "18" dangling off it, so my guess is that she would be that age; she looked it, anyway. She didn't look any different to any ordinary girl of her age: no weird physical characteristics, no strange clothes. I didn't pay a lot of attention to her.

Then, her suitcase fell over with a chunky splat sound. She stood up to get it, but seemed to be of the opinion that if she left her seat to get the handle of the suitcase, someone might sit there; whatever, she didn't just walk over and grab the handle, she sort of extended her leg out like she was aiming to do the splits, so one foot was in front of where she was sitting and the other was out in the direction of the handle. She stretched out, picked up the handle of the suitcase, righted it, and returned to her seat. Naturally, standing as I was right in front of her, I watched what she was doing. This proved to be a ghastly mistake.

It was what was presented in the half a second when she was reaching for the suitcase handle that burned itself into my visual cortex. Her jacket rode up, and the crack of her backside displayed itself two inches or so above the belt of her jeans. It was quite the hairiest bum I have ever seen on a human being. Gaaah!

It wasn't just me who caught an unwanted glimpse of it, either. There was a young couple to my left from somewhere in Eastern Europe (not Poland, I think maybe one of the Baltic states) and the girl gasped and covered her mouth in shock. I looked over to them when I heard this and made eye contact with the guy, whose mouth was open wide as if to say, "did ... did I just see what I thought I saw?". Thank goodness no small children witnessed it, they'd have probably have just gone up to the young woman and asked her why she had such a hairy bottom. I'm not kidding: it was like Wolverine's whiskers down there.

Oh well, on the upside she always has a comfy cushion to sit on, I suppose.

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