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5:43pm on Wednesday, 1st July, 2009:

Teenage Daughter's Bedroom


Metaplace has come up with a system by which you can embed its virtual worlds (including ones you create yourself) on web pages. Here's my first effort, Teenage Daughter's Bedroom:

OK, so it isn't actually a virtual world, it's a shapes-moving puzzle game. I figured that if I wanted to know how the system worked, the quickest way would be to try make it do something it wasn't designed for (in this case, duplicate a simple JavaScript game I wrote several years ago). Oddly, the hardest part was getting it to be single-player rather than multi-player (and it stil only becomes single-player a third of a second after you start..!).

Hmm, maybe if I'd have know the dimensions of the embedded screen when I started, I'd have made the help window a small enough so it all actually fitted and you could see the buttons that move through it ... and exit it (sigh).

I think maybe I'll try a board game next.

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