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6:43pm on Wednesday, 1st April, 2009:

Alcohol Problems


I was waiting for shoulder class today, and, having already read the August 1991 edition of Scientific American provided for us, looked around for something else to occupy me until the physiotherapist showed up. I noticed this:

What does that little line say on the green paper there?

Here's a zoom-in, which I've sharpened a little so you can make out the words better:

Oh, I'm pretty sure everyone will have difficulty accessing the alcohol hand rub. This is why:

Or, if you prefer eccentric variety to your prepositions:

Yes, OK, the signs mean cans of lager and the rub is for sterilisation purposes. Nevertheless, if someone came in drunk on a Friday night and had to leave their booze outside, I'm sure it wouldn't take them long to figure out the familiar smell given off by the hand rub and take measures to consume some of it...

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