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10:43am on Thursday, 31st July, 2008:



So, tomorrow we're off on our hols. This is tomorrow as in 2am on 1st August, as we have a somewhat early flight... The usual rules about not breaking into our house while we're away because it's guarded by a man who orders the deaths of bees apply.

This year, we're going on a cruise. I've been on a cruise precisely once before in my life, down the Nile in 1989. The entire boat got salmonella poisoning, which rather limited the fun. Cruises are expensive: we went on the 1989 one because it was the last time we'd have a chance to go on a holiday without children (daughter #1 was borning in 1990); we're going on one this time because it's the last occasion we can be sure of having a family holiday (daughter #1 heads off to university in October).

As for where we're going, it's the Mediterranean. Turkey is being blown up and Rhodes is on fire, so naturally those are two of our stops. Watch out, Sardinia, we're heading for you, too, and you have a volcano.

I'll be doing the usual thing of blogging while away but not necessarily uploading anything until I get back, depending on Internet availability (and expense). Don't expect me to see any emails you send me until mid-August.

Hmm, I wonder if booking a cabin directly above the ballroom will prove to be a bad decision?

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