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1:49pm on Friday, 28th November, 2008:

New Uniform


I was in the City last night (which, for the benefit of those QBlog readers from other countries, I should point out is the financial district of London). I was there to attend a networking meeting for authors, but it came to nothing because the venue (the Hall of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper-Makers) endured a power-cut. I think it must have been the medieval wiring. Anyway, it was moved to a nearby hotel, with barely enough room to stand let alone circulate, so it was something of a waste of time from my point of view. I left with a friend and we went to a club belonging to a friend of hers, where BT was holding its annual poker championship. It was pretty classy, too.

Anyway, walking back to Liverpool Street I came across a set of covered arcades that looked as if they'd once been a market or something. There were large groups of young men in boisterous mood, who were workers in those various City financial institutions that have yet to go bankrupt. Now in the past, City types always wore bowler hats and carried umbrellas, but obviously this lot didn't as times have changed. No, instead they wore identical black thigh-length coats. I must have seen 50 of them, and they were all dressed like that. It was like a uniform or something: wear the coat so we know you're one of us. Bizarre.

I don't know which shop the coats came from, but if the financial industry is in as dire straits as the newspapers would have us believe, the answer ought to be Primark.

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