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5:01pm on Tuesday, 28th October, 2008:

The Banking Crisis


For those of you who don't follow UK politics, here's a run-down on the various parties' best estimates of whose fault the current banking crisis is:

Labour: The banks.
Conservatives: The Prime Minister.
Liberal Democrats: The government.
Greens: All governments.
Scottish Nationalists: The British government.
Plaid Cymru: "Meht no pmots dna straeh rieht tuo tuc. Hsilgne eht llik."
UK Independents: The European Union.
Respect: Lambeth Borough Council.
Democratic Unionists: We'll find out when we see them BURN IN THE FIERY PITS OF HELL.
Sinn Fein: We don't care, we have gold bars buried in the woods of County Armagh.
Monster Raving Loonies: Yours.

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