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9:04pm on Wednesday, 27th August, 2008:

Hum Drum


You know that noise you get when you blow over the top of a bottle? It's like a humming?

Well, I keep hearing that in my left ear. It's some kind of mechanical problem, which I know because I found that I can induce it by pressing the right part of my head (the bit where the jawbone meets the cheek). If I just tap on this part, it sounds like a drum.

The cause is almost certainly the cold I had last week, bunging up some tubes in my head. It's a little worrying, though, because although I'm used to getting stuffy hearing or high pitched whines from getting bunged up, I'm not used to getting hums. I'm guessing that this is because normally I get bunged up on the side of my eardrum that leads to the outside world, but today it's on the side that leads to my nose. That doesn't inspire confidence that I'm going to escape an ear infection.

Oh well, at least my balance isn't affected...

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