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7:47pm on Sunday, 24th August, 2008:

The Box


My daughters had a clear out of their rooms, and found piles of school work that they didn't want to throw out but didn't want clogging up valuable clothes space. Fortunately, I have a bag of holding into which I can deposit such things, which I call "the attic".

Unfortunately, I only had one box big enough for one daughter's stuff.

So, I ventured into the attic looking for something I no longer needed that was in the right size of box. This is how I found the portable Sanyo black & white TV set that I took with me when I went to university 30 years ago.

What with the digital switchover, and the fact that I have colour vision, I reluctantly concluded that I no longer needed a B&W TV. Besides, I really wanted its box. So, the TV is now in the garage awaiting a trip to the tip (or to the Antiques Road Show, whichever is closest) and the box is back in the attic full of my elder daughter's schoolwork.

The TV was not the only thing in the box when I brought it down from the attic, however. I had also kept the instruction manual. Here are some of its instructions:

Ah, those were the days. I'd like to believe that hairstyles like this woman's went out in the 1950s, but I suspect I may be wrong...

Here's another page of instructions:

I particularly like the advice that you shouldn't tip alcohol into the back of your TV. My current TV doesn't say that in its instructions, so I guess it's OK. I've no idea what that black thing is between the alcohol and the aerosol, though (not the cross, the other thing).

And finally, just in case you think everything was bad in the old days, here's something you don't see with today's TVs:

It was too big all to fit in my scanner, but I think you get the idea. The TV came with a handy circuit diagram, so you could track down any burned-out transistors and replace them.

Where are the circuit diagrams for today's TVs, eh?

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