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10:24am on Friday, 22nd August, 2008:

Want Not, Waste Not


Unpersuaded by the advertisements for genuine fake watches while we were in Kusadasi a couple of weeks ago, we instead bought something that would last marginally longer: Turkish Delight. Unfortunately, the ones we had earmarked for our own consumption were covered in coconut shavings, so I couldn't eat them (I don't like coconut). However, my wife took some pistachio ones to work, and yesterday returned with three cubes of it that no-one had eaten. These, I got to eat.

OK, so aside from the fact that the pistachio tasted suspiciously like peanut, it was OK. After I ate my three cubes, I set about taking the box apart for recycling.

This is when I discovered that the box had actually already been recycled:

Those are Turkish Cigarette packs printed on the back of the card. The Middle East seems good at this kind of thing.

Oh well, if it works..!

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