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6:51pm on Tuesday, 20th May, 2008:

No Sense of Humour


I've mentioned before how some people find practical jokes hilarious but I hate them. Here's another thing that other people seem to find amusing but I don't: bad poems written to the tunes of popular songs.

How does the mere act of writing something vaguely rhyming so it fits a well-known melody transform something unfunny into something hilarious? It doesn't! Yet time after time, in magazines, in comics, in blogs, on TV, on the radio, I come across these things. People seem to love them! Why? No, really — why?

Half the efforts don't even scan properly, but somehow that doesn't seem to matter. Just add the words, "sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda" and voila! One instant source of hilarity!

Sigh, beats me...

Type "sung to the tune of" into Google and you get close to a quarter of a million of the damned things.

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