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11:15am on Friday, 19th September, 2008:

20 Years to Go


For the past 8 or 9 years, I've been working on building my family tree. It's got some big holes in it even for relatively recent members, and I don't have complete data for everyone whose names I know. However, some things I do know.

For example, I know the year of birth and death for many of my ancestors. This means I can do some calculations...

OK, so the 22 male direct ancestors I have lived for a combined total of 1,510 years. This means that on average they dropped dead at age 68 years 8 months (to the nearest month). I am currently 48 years 8 months old. Therefore, if I follow the trends, I have 20 years to go before I kick the bucket. The good news for my dad, who is currently 68 years 11 months old, is that his side of the family lives longer than my mum's side, with an average of 72 years 4 months for the men. Even if a piano fell on him tomorrow, though, he's still done his bit for me because he's already exceeded the average across all my ancestors. Go, Dad, go!

I'd work out how long my daughters can expect to live, but there's double the amount of work to figure it out so I can't be bothered. Or, put another way, it would eat into my remaining 20 years by too much...

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