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1:47am on Saturday, 19th July, 2008:

Think of a Name...


0 Aragorn
1 Arragorn
2 Araggorn
3 Arraggorn
4 Aragorrn
5 Arragorrn
6 Araggorrn
7 Arraggorrn
8 Aragornn
9 Arragornn
10 Araggornn
11 Arraggornn
12 Aragorrnn
13 Arragorrnn
14 Araggorrnn
15 Arraggorrnn

Hmm, this makes the Arraggornn my daughter saw in Lord of the Rings Online the 11th least imaginative Aragorn fan on the server.

Still, the Elroond and Elrroond in her kinship (guild) are getting along famously.

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