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9:50am on Monday, 18th February, 2008:

The Uses of Royalty


Over the weekend, Prince Charles spoke to the Parachute regiment in Essex University's new Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall (named after the former Vice Chancellor who blagged the money to build it). He said it looked like a dustbin.

This is fair comment: it does indeed look like a dustbin. It also looks like a tin can, an oil drum and a very large bottle-cap. Here's a photo from an earlier QBlog post:

Previously, we had a variety of affectionately insulting ways of referring it, but none were really sticking. You might call it a tin can, and someone who called it an oil drum wouldn't know what you meant. Now, though, we have a name with an official, Royal endorsement that we can all rally round.

So, "the dustbin" it is!

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