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5:53pm on Tuesday, 16th December, 2008:

Q Blog


I went to Chelmsford this afternoon.

The reason I went there was to sit in a studio at BBC Radio Essex while I was interviewed live on a Canadian radio show called Q (their blog is called Q Blog). The studio had triple glazing, although that didn't help with the noises of the plumbing, people running up stairs and emergency services' sirens on the road outside. I sat there for 15 minutes listening to nothing before an engineer came in, flicked one tiny little switch among many on the back of their ISDN box, and I got to hear Canada.

The interview was quite sophisticated — much better than I would have got in the UK, where interviews tend to be superficial and the interviewer only asks questions that you've just answered. This time, though, the interviewer and the resident games expert did know the issues and understood what I was trying to say — we could have talked for a lot longer. I suspect I may have lapsed into incoherence when I was talking about Death Knights, as there was an echo on the line at that point and I could hear my words time-delayed (not a pleasant experience). I quite enjoyed it, to be honest.

Of course, it's rather telling that the interview came from Canada, which has just this year overtaken the UK to go third in the league table of countries developing computer games. I can't imagine the BBC giving the subject much respect.

Oh, apparently it'll be listenable-to as a podcast later today, here.

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