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11:09am on Sunday, 16th March, 2008:

To London


I went to London yesterday, to go to the play.com Live show, which was dead. I arrived around the time they threw out everyone with a 10am-2pm ticket and admitted everyone with a 2pm-6pm ticket, so spent 20 minutes outside standing in the VIP line. I spent less time than that at the actual show. Unless I missed some huge, hidden section, it was only around 10% of the size of the now defunct show it purports to replace. I'd show you what I meant, only my camera ran out of batteries after I took this photo of the venue:

Yes, it was at Wembley stadium. Oh, and if you're the person who runs the shop there, you might consider selling AA batteries among your football goods and Wembley-embossed silver cigarette accoutrements; I can't be the only person to go to the UK's premier sporting venue with a camera that's low on power.

The trip wasn't entirely a waste of time, though, because there was an face-painting thing going on to promote the new Batman film. Dozens of people were walking around in full Heath-Ledger-as-the-Joker make-up. Then, it started to rain. It's all that made standing outside in a queue for 20 minutes worthwhile.

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