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6:08pm on Wednesday, 16th January, 2008:

Application Rumours


There are rumours that applications to Essex University are down across the board, even for subjects that have been growing for years in which we have an immense, international reputation. The reason for it has yet to be determined, although there are theories that range from the observation that tuition fees mean more people want to study locally nowadays to save on accommodation costs (and half our catchment area is the North Sea) and that some school firewalls filter out sex web sites such as Essex.

I wonder, though, if this might be a factor?

I get it fairly regularly when I visit the university's web pages from home, and I'm not alone. A quick press of the refresh button will bring up the appropriate page, but if I were a prospective student looking checking out the university would I try that? Or would I just use it as an excuse to remove it from my list of potential places to do a degree?

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