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11:05am on Saturday, 15th November, 2008:

Signal and Response


I was in Sainsbury's this morning, and there were some people with thinking problems in there along with their carers. Normally, they only come during the week, but every once in a while they come in at the weekend and today was such an occasion.

One of them was moaning, very loudly and sounding in great distress, like a wookie in labour. After each prolonged moan, when he stopped for breath, another one shouted out: "oh my gawd!". It was like this for 15 or 20 minutes: moan, then "oh my gawd!".

I don't know what care home they came from, but you have to wonder what goes on there. If one of the residents has learned to shout "oh my gawd!" after every moan, the chances are they picked up this response from one of the carers.

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