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6:05pm on Monday, 15th September, 2008:

In Sainsbury's


I was in Sainsbury's supermarket today. Here's the set-up:

No, it's not a Danish flag: the red boxes are where the food is, the white space represents the aisles, and the blue boxes are two skips of stuff that the shelf-stackers are using to stack shelves. A woman (orange circle) pushing a trolley (yellow box) sees her friend (green circle) and decides to have a chat with her. So, where should they meet?

Well, you might think that a sensible place would be, say, in the middle of the central aisle where there's plenty of room:

Or, if the central aisle was busy, you might go for:

Only if you were OBLIVIOUS TO PEOPLE YOU DON'T KNOW or SOME KIND OF SUPERMARKET GRIEFER would you decide to natter away like this:

No, orange circle woman! Not like that! And don't ROCK YOUR TROLLEY LIKE IT WAS A PRAM as you discuss the recent demise of Lehman Brothers with your chum.

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