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10:36am on Monday, 14th April, 2008:



So, Robert Murat is to sue a bunch of British newspapers because they made unfounded allegations about him with regards to the Madeleine McCann case.

Good, I hope he wins. The only reason he was ever made a suspect was because two British journalists said he was acting like Ian Huntley did during the Soham murder investigation. I wasn't impressed by this at the time — he reminded me far more of Tom Stephens, who was arrested during the Ipswich prostitutes' murder investigation. It soon turned out that Stephens was a good person, trying to help the police because he wanted to help, not because he was trying to find out what they knew; Ipswich's prostitutes seemed to regard him as some kind of guardian angel, and stood up for him. He was released without charge, and forklift truck driver Steve Wright was eventually gaoled for the offences.

A crime is committed, you try to help the police, and before you know it you're held for questioning. That's hardly an encouragement to assist the police if they ask for assistance.

Of course, if it later transpires that Robert Murat did indeed abduct Madeleine McCann, I trust the newspapers will get their money back (not that the Daily Mirror got its back after Liberace successfully sued it in 1959 for suggesting he was homosexual, which he confided to his manager was true shortly before he died of AIDS in 1987).

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