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1:53pm on Sunday, 12th October, 2008:

Acid House


In an effort to make use of the 14 carrier bags full of apples we have stored up before they go off, my wife decided to make some apple chutney. She's never made it before. If she had done so, I think the rest of us would have found an excuse to be elsewhere.

The recipe involves boiling 900ml (which is about 1½ UK pints and 2 US pints) of vinegar. So far, it's been boiling for 3 hours, and lost about an inch of the 4 inches that need to be lost before it's ready. I can taste it in the air. I can feel it in my hair. It's clinging to my skin. I shall be yellow tomorrow.

My wife has 6 jars ready to hold the resulting poultice. They're only made of glass — I hope they're strong enough to resist the chemical assault to which they will be subjected.

My god! My computer! What if it gets in my computer?! Augh!

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