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6:00pm on Saturday, 12th July, 2008:

Time Travel in London


This morning, I went to London, spending an enjoyable 4 hours with some friends visiting from the USA. We met at the Dr Who exhibition currently on at Earl's Court, which was a lot better than I was expecting (here's the actual Face of Boe, for example):

This being London and a Saturday during the peak tourist season, naturally the entire Circle Line, the eastern part of the District Line and assorted individual stations were out of commission for maintenance. At 3pm, when I headed back to Liverpool Street for my train home, the middle section of the Central Line was also out (person under train) and the Picadilly line was closed, too (broken down train). I had to take the Bakerloo Line to Baker Street and then the Metropolitan Line. Given that everyone else was being obliged to make similar unusual journeys to get where they wanted to be, it was a little crowded down there.

Four lines out of action, though! It only has eleven (and that's if you count Hammersmith & City as distinct from the Metropolitan, and you include Waterloo & City in the network). How can this be in this day and age that four lines in the centre of a world city are just non-operational?

Everywhere else in the universe, time runs forward. On the London Underground, it goes backward...

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