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4:59pm on Sunday, 11th May, 2008:

Pictures of Potsdam


I found out that if you deliberately drop broken camera, it can make it take photos again. I also found that it takes only 6-8 photos before running out of battery — and that's if you take the batteries out between pictures. If you leave them in, you're lucky to get 3 snaps before they're spent.

So, at great expense in battery purchases, here are some pictures of Potsdam...

A leaf stuck behind some bark on a plane tree:

Yes, I'm aware I didn't exactly make every shot count...

Here's a windmill:

According to the tourist map, it had to be repaired in 1998 after being badly damaged by fire in 1945.

As capital of the region of Brandenburg, Potsdam has its own Brandenburg Gate:

It also has its own rhinosceros hanging from straps:

These look so bad I guess they must be art:

I took a picture of this street because I thought the houses looked Dutch:

When I looked at the map, it turns out Potsdam has a Dutch Quarter...

The Germans don't seem to regard dandelions as weeds. There are huge carpets of them growing everywhere:

It's Spargelzeit here in Germany at the moment:

"Spargel" is one of those random German words I somehow know, like Zauberlehrling and Zimmer: it (Spargel) means "asparagus". Many restaurants put on a special Spargel menu, with half a dozen different Spargel specialities that are pretty much the same as every other restaurant's Spargel specialities.

Potsdam used to be in East Germany:

I wonder which building the communists constructed?

British Scientologists try to ensnare you in their lunatic cult by offering a free personality test. Not so in Germany:

Remember: the "-ology" part is the same as in "astrology", not as in "psychology" or "sociology".

What happens if no-one ever removes the posters that are stuck on walls?

You could build a papier maché house from enough of that stuff.

Instructions to the masses always work best in English, don't you think?

See this mosque?

Ha! Tricked you! It's actually a pumping station for the local landscaped gardens. I wonder if the Moslem population of Potsdam has a mosque disguised as a pumping station?

The buildings in the centre of Potsdam are all in good order and often very elegant. Walk a bit off the beaten track, though, and you find things like this:

The communists didn't deliberately demolish old buildings, but they couldn't organise the resources to stop them from decaying.

Finally, it turns out I'm not the only person mentioned on lampposts after all!

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