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5:04pm on Monday, 10th November, 2008:

Moving Office


I'm getting a new office!

Such is the decimation in the ranks of our new Department (which is now going to call itself a School), I actually had three offices to choose from, all on corridor 4B. Back in the day, corridor 4B was known as the "AI corridor", and was where all the (in today's terminology) cool kids hung out. It still has a strong AI contingent, but those empty rooms are taking their toll. Simon Lucas, the other games/AI person in the Department (well, he's more AI/games), is also on the corridor, so we can begin our conquest in earnest now.

The first time I was a lecturer, in the 1980s, I was on the corridor above; I therefore felt isolated from the rest of the AI group. When I started again, at first I didn't have an office, then I got a shared one in the new Networks Building, then we had to move to another (slightly smaller) office on the floor below. I'm getting my own office because my roomie is retiring and the Department wants to use the space for visiting researchers who are on the more Electronics side of things. I'm not complaining — the nostalgia for corridor 4B as was is enough for me to agree willingly to a move.

Sharing an office is awkward at the best of times. My roomie was ideal — our paths hardly ever crossed — but occasionally it was tricky (eg. when interviewing prospective students) and, despite the fact he wasn't there very often, he did still have half the real estate. With an office to myself, I can put things anywhere and everywhere, rather than keep to an imaginary dividing line. I may even start coming in to the university more often, rather than work from home.

I've started packing my books into boxes, and should effect a full change later this week (maybe even tomorrow) depending on whether or not I injure myself when I try to pick the boxes up.

Corridor 4B, ah! I'll feel at last, after starting at Essex University as an undergraduate 30 years ago, that I've finally made it as an academic.

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