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7:30pm on Saturday, 10th May, 2008:

Curious Facts


Roughly the same proportion of German people think English people watch Dinner for One on New Year's Eve as English people have never heard of it.

An innocuous riverside café in Berlin can serve Vienna Schnitzel that tastes better than the ones you get in Vienna.

All German T-shirts made for teenaged girls have words on them in English. If those words are: "I'm a fucking princess", that isn't apparently a problem.

The bridges over major roads look exactly the same design as the bridge over the A12 near where I live. The same blue arches, the same white support struts — they're identical.

German radio stations in taxis can only play songs sung in English, even if they're being sung by Germans. This includes the jingles.

If you accidentally turn your bag upside-down when getting out of a car, causing your camera to fall a metre to the ground, it can stop said camera from being able to take photographs. So, no pictures of Potsdam tomorrow...

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