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8:24pm on Thursday, 10th April, 2008:

My Grandfather's Bench


I drove back from Hornsea, where my Dad lives, via Great Ouseburn, where my maternal grandparents used to live. My reason for doing this was because my younger daughter had never been there (I took my elder daughter there when we came back from her trip to York University earlier this month). Great Ouseburn often figures in my mother's anecdotes, so it was nice for my daughters to get to see the place.

I used to spend 2 weeks there during the summer holidays when I was a child, and we often went after Christmas for the New Year, too, so I know the place well. I have many, many happy memories of the time I spent there, of long walks through fields, my grandfather showing me where foxes lived and dropping in on farms to chat to friends while I got close to the animals.

Those are anecdotes for another time, though. Today, I thought I'd just show you a picture of me standing behind a bench, taken by my daughter this afternoon:

The bench is one that my brother and I had installed when my grandad died. Every once in a while (er, OK, once so far) I've paid to have the bench repainted and refurbished. It gets a lot of use, because it's in a convenient location in the village.

Here's the plate on it:

You always wondered what kind of person would pay to have one of those memorial benches put in place, and now you know.

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