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10:37pm on Monday, 8th September, 2008:

Lost Customer


My elder daughter applied for her very first bank account on Friday, at the Halifax (where my wife and I have had a savings account for decades). Because she was asking for a student account, they had to wait until today for their Central Office to approve it.

Well, sure enough, today she got a call from the Halifax informing her that Central Office had turned down her application for an account. Apparently, it's because she has no credit history.

Well yes, of course she has no credit history — it's her first bank account! No-one without a bank account has a credit rating! Are these people stupid, or don't they want people to open student accounts (which, come to think of it, would also be stupid — people are more likely to divorce than to change their bank)?

Thus, in one, simple move, the Halifax has lost a customer for life. Way to go, Halifax.

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