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2:11pm on Thursday, 7th August, 2008:



Today, the ship docked at Rhodes. In fact, we docked so close to Rhodes that if the Colossus had still been standing, we'd have knocked it over. Here's the view from our statecabinroom window:

Rhodes harbour is surrounded by imposing towers that look to give it some real protection, except:

Yes, it turns out they're windmills.

You've heard of a supermarket, of course. Have you also heard of a mini market?

Rhodes boasts not only a mini market, but a super mini market...

This came from a shop that sold paintings. The others had signs on them saying they were "hand made", but not this one:

I guess the others must have been virtual hand made.

See this clock tower?

You can climb to the top of it for "magnificent views of Rhodes". OK, so that's just what we did, and the views were indeed magnificent. Something wasn't mentioned, though. Can you make out the time on the clock? It's coming up to 10am. Can you see at the very top there's a canopy housing a bell? At 10am, we were standing directly underneath it when it bonged 10 times and shook the floor, the walls and our heads. It would have been useful to know in advance that it was going to do that.

This is from inside the castle of the Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

That mosaic runs right across the top of a set of stairs we had just climbed up. The sign reads: "Do not walk on the mosaics". Since it was blocking our way, though, our options were rather limited. We hopped across it.

Ooh! The Joker has got a job modelling bikinis!

And Quasimodo has a job advertising special pepper fillets!

Rhodes has lots of quaint little alleyways with arches across them to stop the houses from falling into one another. Every single one I looked down had at least one scooter parked in it. This one is typical:

Hmm, not quite as photogenic as it might have been...

Rhodes also has those same ward-off-the-evil-eye eyes that are all over Kusadasi and Mykonos:

I sense some ongoing brand competition here.

Here are some people swimming in the harbour:

Here's a view in another direction from the same spot:

You spotted that sign right?

A shame those people swimming in the harbour didn't...

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