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8:14pm on Monday, 7th January, 2008:

Blood at the Barber's


I went to have my hair cut today, not because it was so long that I had to, but because it had gone into Einstein mode again. The person before me was a woman, which is a bit unusual at Rodney's but not unprecedented (my wife had her hair cut there once). This particular woman was having her hair cut shorter than me, so fair enough — she might as well get it done for £9 as for £18.

Anyway, she had it cut and left, then Becky the barber started on me. After a while, though, the woman returned. She'd forgotten her glasses and her earrings (which she must have taken off to avoid getting them caught on the scissors). She didn't bother putting her glasses on before putting her earrings in, which perhaps explains her sudden screech of "Arrrgh! Missed!".

Amazing, I've never seen anyone pierce their own ear before.

Yes, there was blood.

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