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1:48pm on Saturday, 6th December, 2008:

Shipping Lost


When I go to the supermarket for our weekly shop, I usually make a shopping list so I know what to buy. It's basically a checklist, with all the common items we need on it that I mark off during the week, occasionally writing in things that are unusual purchases (eg. the birthday wrapping paper my younger daughter wanted today).

So, I picked up the list this morning and added some of the stuff we always need to get on a Saturday (bread, apples, that sort of thing) and
went to get my jacket. Only, it was the wrong jacket — it was the one I wore on my trip to Atlanta, which isn't all that warm. I therefore transferred everything from the pockets of the thin jacket to those of a warmer one, and wore that instead. Only, I didn't put the shopping list in the pocket...

I realised what had happened when I got to the shop and discovered there was no list in my pocket. I figured that probably the best thing to do would be to buy whatever I could remember, then phone my wife to have her read the list out to me so I could pick up what I'd missed. Sainsbury's has terrible mobile phone reception, but there is one small section in front of the tills next to the toilet paper aisle where you can get enough of a signal to make a call.

In the end, I did quite well. There were 29 items on the list, and I'd bought 26 of them (plus two other items that we needed but which weren't on the list). I'd forgotten about the sugar, the dishwasher salt and the washing machine powder.

Not bad, I thought, given that I hadn't read the list beforehand, let alone tried to memorise it. I could probably have got the other three items too if I'd waited a bit longer to dredge them up, but it was much, much quicker to phone...

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