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8:10am on Wednesday, 5th November, 2008:

The Right Decision


Phew! America made the right decision, and voted Barack Obama to be their next president. Quite why he doesn't get to be president RIGHT NOW rather than on 20th January does, I'm sure, make perfect sense in a constitutional context set over 200 years ago. Hopefully, Bush won't do what departing Portuguese colonists did in Mozambique when they left in the 1970s, and pour concrete down the lift shafts out of sheer spite.

I was a bit worried that Americans may have been put off Obama because of his obvious links to terrorism. He chose a vice president with a surname that's only 3 letters short of being BIn laDEN, and they have to put him behind 3-inch thick bullet-proof glass when he speaks in public to protect crowds of 80,000 people from the possibility he may attack them.

Would the outcome have been the same if Hillary Clinton had been the Democratic candidate? Possibly: the economy dominated the debate, and she should have won the popular vote (if not necessarily the electoral college). The result wouldn't have been the same, though: there wouldn't have been dancing in the streets for Clinton.

Obama seems to be the genuine article; America is fortunate to have him.

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