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5:43pm on Sunday, 5th October, 2008:

Well that's not happened before


I've been to many conferences in my time, in many countries. Never has the conference been called off the day before it was due to start, however, until now.

Tomorrow, I was due to speak at Virtual Worlds Forum Europe, but when I got home from my fortnightly trip to Newmarket I found a message on my answerphone informing me that the conference has been cancelled due to a serious incident that has occurred at the venue. Police are letting no-one in.

A quick scoot to BBC news explains why: someone was shot dead outside at 5:40 this morning.

Hmm, well I think I'll still head into London, not least because I just spent £90 on train tickets to get me there and back Monday and Tuesday. It's a bit of a shock, though!

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