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3:31pm on Friday, 5th September, 2008:



I went into an art shop in Colchester today to get an A2-sized art case in which to hold my 1869 maps. The guy on the till was surprised that this was my intention despiste the fact that it had "Mapac" written on the side, but that's not what makes my visit blogworthy.

Next to the door was a very large, wooden artist's model — about the size of a ten-year-old child. It was holding a piece of card at least A3 in size, upon which was hand-written an advertisement for "CHIRSTMAS CARD MAKING KITS". It was decorated with pictures of Christmas trees and stuff, but it definitely said CHIRSTMAS, not CHRISTMAS. It said it in letters 60mm high.

I casually asked the guy on the till whether CHIRSTMAS was the name of the company that made the kits, but he just stared in amazement. The card had been made by someone who had left the company several months ago, yet no-one who worked on the till or who had visited the shop had mentioned that it said CHIRSTMAS instead of CHRISTMAS until me.

Well doesn't that just show the power of advertising?

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