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12:37pm on Sunday, 4th May, 2008:

I Am the Ruf


A bumper crop of Observer references today...

OK, so the Observer has a long-standing piece in the sports pages called "You Are the Ref". The idea is that you send in some obscure but theoretically plausible situation that might face a football referee, and the reader has to guess what the right course of action is. A real referee then gives the correct interpretation.

Here, for example, is this week's YATR:

Being interested in games rules and all, I thought I'd give it a shot, so a couple of weeks ago I concocted a suitable odd series of events and submitted them to the YATR people. I received an email telling me that my query had been passed on to Keith Hackett, the referee who provides the answers.

Now, none of the three questions posed this week are mine. Look at the winner of the "best question" award, though:

Someone with a name really close to mine won? Or my name was misspelled and associated with the wrong question?

It's a spooky world we live in...

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