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8:32pm on Wednesday, 3rd December, 2008:



Here's what I saw when I got up this morning:

Hmm, that copy of USA Today looks a little dark...

It's wet.

So, what happened was that during the night the toilet overflowed. It was caused by a combination of two factors: some kind of blockage in the pipes; a bad seal on the cistern. I knew about the bad seal on the cistern, becase of the noise it made when refilling: after every flush, I had to take the lid off it and move the pathetic little rubber plug it had so that it plugged what it was supposed to plug. This stopped it from leaking, which raised the ball valve and soon after stopped the water from flowing into the cistern. Except, it seems it didn't quite stop it, it just stopped it whooshing out. It must have still trickled a little. Ordinarily, this wouldn't have mattered, but with the blockage in the pipes it did. The water came out, soaked my flloor, soaked my USA Today, and soaked a 2-foot radius semicircle of carpet outside my door.

Oh well, at least it made a satisfying squelch when I walked out to go complain to the person on the desk downstairs.

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