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7:35pm on Saturday, 2nd August, 2008:

Celebrity Today!


The cruise ship has a daily newspaper called Celebrity Today!, delivered to our cabin (sorry, stateroom) every day. It's an amazing source of mockable material.

For example, on the back page of today's issue is an advertisement for the "seaweed and stones combo", which appears to be some kind of medieval torture for which people are induced to pay $154 to have meted out on them. The strap line says: "great for tense muscles, arthritis and body detoxification". So if you want to be rid of tense muscles then it's great; if you want to be rid of arthritis then it's great; if you want to be rid of body detoxification then it's great. Er ... well it's great, anyway.

Something had better be great if it involves being wrapped in seaweed and rubbed with hot stones.

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