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11:17am on Friday, 29th June, 2007:



While I was in Colchester earlier this week, forgetting to buy myself a toothbrush, I bought some Fimo modelling material. I've seen it around in craft shops for years, and finally decided to try it out.

Unfortunately, my elder daughter got to it first. This is the result:

It's Mog, out of her famous Mog and Tilly cartoons.

The thing is, when you see it in real life it looks as if it's made out of icing sugar. It's really tempting to take a bite out of it. Even though the brain says, "no, it's basically PVC, you can't eat it", the eyes say, "mmm! yum yum!".

Oh well, her birthday's coming up so I'll get her some Tilly-coloured Fimo. That'll look like marzipan — the perfect counterbalance as I hate the stuff.

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