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6:52pm on Thursday, 29th March, 2007:



This morning I was happily driving along in a string of cars behind a lorry carrying gravel. The cars gradually overtook it, and when it got to my turn — aargh! Gravel was being thrown up by the lorry and hitting the car at the rate of roughly one hit per second. I tried to do what the cars before me had done, and pull out to overtake, but another car had come up at speed and was alongside me so I couldn't. I was trapped there for several seconds until I could get out, during the course of which one of the pieces of gravel struck my windscreen and chipped it.

Yes, that's right, the windscreen on our new car: the heated windscreen which we didn't really want but it came for free and will cost a lot more than a regular windscreen to get replaced, that windscreen.

It didn't even last a month.

Augh! Wail!

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