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9:20am on Tuesday, 28th August, 2007:

New Business Card


At State of Play last week, I insulted the 22 people who gave me business cards by not having any to give them in return. I had no MUSE ones (having closed the company — still waiting for the official letter) and I had no university ones (because the departmental merger meant I had to wait for everyone to decide what they wanted so they could bulk order them).

Anyway, when I got home I decided that I really ought to make some "independent consultant" cards to give out. One of the things I really want from a business card that few of them have is some idea of what the person in question looks like. I therefore decided to put a picture of me on the card. I didn' want it to look too much like a driving licence or (shudder) ID card, though, so went with something a little different.

Here's the result:

That's not me holding a big version of the business card, that's the actual business card. If I didn't give you a card in Singapore, print this off on photo paper and hey presto! You have your own, personal version of my business card.

I fully expect people to photoshop out the words and replace them with the most offensive thing they can think of, but that's people for you.

Oh, and if you phone the number, don't expect me actually to answer. You're almost 100% certain to get my answerphone, unless I know in advance you're calling. I'm not a great fan of phones...

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