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8:55am on Wednesday, 27th June, 2007:

Close to Home


Both my children went to Heathlands Primary School in West Bergholt. The highlight of their time there was the week-long school trip to Aylmerton that they undertook at the end of their final year. All the pupils at Heathlands really look forward to this — the possibility of not being allowed to go to Aylmerton is enough to keep even the unruliest child in check. It's hard to describe just how much the kids there rate the place.

Yesterday, while on an expedition deep into woodlands on this year's Aylmerton trip, a pupil was killed when the bough of a tree broke off and fell on him. Three others were seriously injured, and one is still in a serious condition. It made the national TV news.

As you can imagine, the atmosphere in West Bergholt this morning is one of significant shock.

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