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1:40pm on Thursday, 26th April, 2007:



My mother-in-law has been moved from the hospital into the care home that will eat through her savings at the rate of £100 a day, stopping only when either she dies or there is £8,000 left (ie. enough for a funeral).

On the first night, she fell out of bed.

According to the care home, this happened because the hospital didn't send the case notes in time, so they didn't know they needed to put up panels at the side of the bed to stop her from rolling out.


If they didn't know, they should have put them up anyway! Stroke patients do tend to move around a lot in bed because they're lopsided. The hospital didn't have to wait for her to fall out of bed before deciding to put up the sides: they put up the sides and found her lying against them in the morning.

The hospital didn't say she needed to be fed. I hope the care home managed to figure that one out on their own.

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