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4:16pm on Thursday, 24th May, 2007:



I started marking my EE114 examination scripts today. It won't take me long, as I have only 14 of them and section A was multiple choice so is handled automatically through the magic of computers.

Section A is only a third of the paper, though. Section B is the remainder, and there are three questions in it: B1, B2 and B3. My students had to answer two of these three questions (their choice).

Here's one of the questions, B3:

a. Describe the mechanics of Besikovitch's Game.

b. In late Victorian times, the Great Powers of Europe embarked on a "scramble for Africa", in which they attempted to expand their empires by claiming territories in the "dark continent" (not necessarily with the consent of those who lived there).
i)      Explain how the mechanics of Besikovitch's Game could be used for a "scramble for Africa" card game.
ii)     Some Great Powers were greater than others. Modify the rules of your "scramble for Africa" game to account for such relative differences in power.
iii)    All in all, seven European powers contested Africa. Assess how the mechanics of your "scramble for Africa" game might need to be changed depending on how many players were involved.

No students attempted this question. They all went with B1 and B2.

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