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4:35pm on Tuesday, 23rd October, 2007:



We're having a new shower installed in our house. It's more complicated than it was supposed to be.

So far, we've had to replace two walls because the plasterboard got so wet it's more like plasticine. We had to get a new tray to stand in because the other was too thin. We had to have some floorboards replaced because the new tray was too heavy to be supported on the old, non-existent floorboards. We need to make the wall with the controls on triple-thickness so the controls will fit in the cavity. We need a new door because making the wall thicker means the door has to be thinner. Our living room ceiling is down so the plumber has access to the pipework. Oh, and the whole house stinks of sewage because at the moment the waste pipe is disconnected.

We'll be lucky if it's finished by the end of the week.

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