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7:44pm on Monday, 23rd April, 2007:

House Numbers


Yesterday, I visited a terraced street. I went to house number 18, which was between houses 16 and 17. It wasn't something new that had been inserted into a gap — it was an actual house number 18 that had been built when the whole terrace had been built. It wasn't some kind of partitioned house, either: neither it nor its neighbours had been part of any other house. Yet there it was. I'd have taken a photo of it to prove it if I'd had my camera with me (or if my old, bullet-proof mobile phone had broken down so I could get a new one that took pictures).

17 18 16

OK, the reason for the numbering is that the terrace is one side of a small square that starts off as a street (it's kinda noose shaped). The houses at the start of the street are numbered normally: even on one side, odd on the other.

  15 17 18 16
13           14
11           12
9            10
7            8
 5          6
   3      4
   1      2

Where they meet, it's 17, 18, 16.

I think maybe the smart thing to do would have been to number the houses clockwise.

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