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1:51pm on Wednesday, 22nd August, 2007:



Here are some of the changes I noticed in Singapore from the last time I was here.

Shopping centres all used to be called "centres". Now they're all called "malls".

Hooters has got aa bigger restaurant. You can now look at revealingly-clad waitresses at Clarke Quay without having to climb a flight of stairs first.

The green men on road-crossing signs are now made of little green lights. They used to be made of a single green piece of glass covering a light bulb, with a stencil over the top of a walking man. These were cut from black plastic sheets by prisoners, so some were fat and some were thin. Members of the public armed with modelling knives would occasionally cut out extra pieces of plastic to make the green men expose their genitalia.

The Australian games shop I used to go to in Suntec City has gone. That's a shame, I liked it. The jigsaw puzzle shop is till there, though.

Where have all the durian-eaters gone? Has the eating of durian in public been banned or something?

While it is an offence to undertake a vehicle at speed while conversing on a mobile phone, the chances of being caught seem sufficiently low as not to discourage taxi drivers from engaging in such an activity.

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