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5:44pm on Saturday, 21st April, 2007:

Up to speed


With local elections looming, the Conservative Association has put out its local newsletter, In Touch:

In an effort to make us all realise what a great representative she is, In Touch is where candidate Jill Tod (or "Jill" as she likes to be known) tells us about all the wonderful things she's been doing on our behalf. Here's what she has to say about the new A12 bridge we're getting:

Uh? She wants to keep the speed limit? The one even police cars ignore because it's so stupidly inappropriate? That one? She doesn't want the return of the 60mph limit that made the old bridge the only place where you could get past buses between the top of the village and central Colchester? She wants the nonsensical 30pmh limit retained?

Bad Jill! Bad Jill! No vote for you!

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