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4:35pm on Tuesday, 20th March, 2007:

Acid Taste


I went to the dentist this morning for a check-up. She filled in the gap at the bottom of a crown and warned me she'd probably give me a couple of fillings when she sees me again.

In the course of preparing the crown for its repair, she asked me a question, to which I replied. In replying, I got something on my tongue that she had just squirted onto the crown from a syringe. GAAAH! It was vile!

Eventually I had to stop her and ask for some of the water. It turned out that the liquid she'd used was phosphoric acid, "to kill the germs". Never mind the germs, what about me?! I know saliva is alkaline, but it's not alkaline enough to neutralise a cubic centimetre of green gloop before it starts to BURN THE TONGUE.

Ugh, ghastly stuff.

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