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10:02am on Tuesday, 19th June, 2007:

Service Interruption


I'm off to Portsmouth today to be an external examiner. The best thing about being an external examiner is that I don't have to show up at the examiners' meeting in my own department, which is on the same day. There are only two valid excuses for a member of staff not to attend an examiners' meeting: being an external yourself on the same day; death (your own). So, yay for me!

After being an external examiner, I head off to Indiana University to participate in Ludium II (I'd link to it but the site is down). I was a judge for Ludium I, so am a player in Ludium II. After looking at the rules, which assume more knowledge of the workings of 19th Century US politics than I'll ever have, I'm kinda glad I'm not having to judge it this time round. Nevertheless, I stand no chance of getting a prize of any kind, so will still play more in meta mode rather than going full-on achiever.

Anyway, the point of mentioning all this is that my Internet connectivity will be patchy while I'm away, so although I'll still write my QBlog entries daily, you may not see them daily.

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