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11:18am on Monday, 19th March, 2007:

Line Change


I spoke to British Telecom today. Their slogan is "it's good to talk", and they seem to take it to heart: I spoke to 8 people before I got to one who could actually do what I wanted to do, namely change a business line to a residential one. This time it took a call lasting 33 minutes, then (after it disconnected me) 7 minutes, then (after it disconnected me) engaged, then engaged again, then 19 minutes. The problem is that bothe the business and residential services seem to regard this change of use as being the purview of the other, so they transfer me to wait in queues, whereupon I'm transferred back to wait in another queue.

Anyway, the result is that some time during the next 24 or 48 hours, my business line will convert into a residential line. I'll have no way of knowing when this has happened, except that my Internet connection may not work (which I guess is a don't-hit-me way of saying that it definitely will not work). Once the change has been effected, I can then make a new call to BT Broadband and arrange for a change from business to residential on that, too. Apparently.

Of course, if they say I'll be offline for a week or more, I may just go to some other broadband provider and get them to hook me up to the Internet instead...

So, if QBlog disappears for a while over the course of the next few days, you have some inkling as to why. Likewise, if all my hair drops out.

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