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3:55pm on Thursday, 18th October, 2007:

One-Sided Conversation


I was in Colchester today, and there was a woman buying a CD from a busker. They had some small chat afterwards; she asked him if he'd go to The Bull in the evening, as there was some kind of event going on there and he'd be able to entertain the attendees. She knew the landlord, and he knew the landlord's son.

OK, nothing special about that, except it was conducted with the busker's microphone still on. We got his half of the conversation booming half-way down the street, and heard nothing from her.

(I was also going to blog the way that the guy at the counter in the post office had to use his till to work out how much 2 times £4.25 was, but I suspect that would come as no surprise to anyone).

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